Bill Cosby on education reform: More funding is not the answer

Legendary comedian Bill Cosby weighed in on education following President Obama’s State of the Union speech. The outspoken Cosby has some pretty strong feelings about how much investment is needed to reform education in America. The Daily Caller reports:

Shortly before President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union on Tuesday night, comedian Bill Cosby joined with school choice advocates to discuss the “State of American Education.”

According to Cosby, the country can try as many education reforms as it wants but the real key is getting parents involved and concerned about their children’s education. Cosby added that additional funding is not the answer to America’s education woes.

“Cuts, cuts, cuts, that is what we hear, but education is not a thing that big bucks happens to be the answer [to]. The answer is — with education comes teaching children to respect and love questions, looking for the answer, reading,” he said, explaining that these responsibilities fall on the parents, teachers, and school officials.

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