TheGrio's 100: Corvida Raven, self-proclaimed 'Oprah of the web'

She’s 24 and rocks a Mohawk. Despite her youth and rebellious choice of hairstyle, Corvida Raven is making a name for herself as a social media and technology guru.

Raven is the creator of the popular, a blog in which she writes about the latest gadgets, new features on social media sites, and all things technology related. She’s also the co-founder of Everything Twitter, a blog filled with resources on using the social media site, and TheSocialGeeks Roundtable podcast.

When she’s not blogging, she’s a social media consultant for major corporations including GM, Fast Company and Intel. She’s also a Community Catalyst at TED.

In her spare time, Raven also goes out on public speaking engagements to teach the masses about all the things you can do with technology.

Corvida Raven is making history… as the true embodiment of the young generation of tech mavens, a group of people for whom multitasking is no big thing, and the same is true about learning and using new technology. Raven using her knowledge of utilizing technology to best fit your needs and has made a career out of it.

What’s next for Corvida?

Raven continues to work on her multitude of freelance projects, blogging and speaking engagements.

A little-known fact social media

In 2010, the average number of tweets sent out in a day was 50 million.

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Q: What’s next in this chapter of your life?

A: This year I’ll be focusing on more personal projects and initiatives that will directly impact the youth, people of color, and women. While technology will still play a major role in all that I do, this year I want to make the connections between technology and life as I see it (or want to see it).

Q: What’s a fact about you that many people don’t know?

A: Many people don’t know that I’m a huge fan of fashion and art, especially architecture.

Q: What’s your favorite quote?

A: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” is my life motto. Another quote that I keep in mind when I make a mistake is this line from rapper T.I., “Refuse to give up / your mistakes don’t define you / they don’t dictate where you’re headed / they remind you…”

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: Where do I get my inspiration from? It depends on what I need inspiration for. I love art. I’m always inspired by great architecture, interior design, and photography. I also love to read and find inspiration, or at least motivation, in books. Most importantly, my life inspires me. I’m inspired by the spaces I’m able to enter, the places I’m able to be, and the people I’m able to meet.

Q: Who are/were your mentors?

A: I’m a mentor collector and we would be here forever if I answered this question. To keep things brief, my most challenging mentors are Rhesa Jenkins and Erica Lee. They really push me far outside of my comfort zone to do things that I may not want to do or feel confident about doing. They’re honest and real with me, which I’ve learned to appreciate over time. Sometimes that’s a lot to handle from those two, but I’m blessed to have their support and love.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to achieve their dreams?

A: Like Nike, just do it. Whatever you think is stopping you, really isn’t. Look for the alternatives. Be creative in your execution. Be realistic about achieving your dreams. And most importantly, don’t let failure or even the fear of failing stop you.