TheGrio's 100: Aton Edwards, helping the world prepare for emergencies

theGRIOs 100 - Aton Edwards helped found, and is the executive director of, the International Preparedness Network, which teaches civilians how to prepare for disasters...

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Aton Edwards is prepared for any emergency — whether it’s dangerous weather, bio-terrorism or a cyber attack — and he wants you to be prepared, too. Through helping to found the International Preparedness Network, Edwards teaches civilians how to prepare for and respond to virtually any kind of disaster. Now the organization’s executive director, Edwards has led IPN in partnerships with the Red Cross, the Centers for Disease Control and the New York City Police Department. Through his work, IPN has potentially saved lives and helped thousands of people in the process.

Edwards has also created a comprehensive survival system known as Improvisational Adaptation, or IA-DO, which teaches training recipients how to use specific tools, skills and information to protect themselves and increase environment safety should a disaster occur.

Aton Edwards is making history … as one of the leaders in emergency preparedness. Edwards has appeared on television numerous times to teach viewers the necessary steps to stay safe in various scenarios, and was even the host of a Discovery Chanel special on preparedness. He has written a book on the subject and is also known for his expertise in sustainable living.

What’s next for Edwards?

Edwards continues to spread his message of preparedness to anyone who will listen. In a time when foiled terrorist attacks and weather disasters are more than occasional, the information he provides to the general public is critical.

A little-known fact about disasters …

There were 99 major disaster declarations in the United States last year, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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