Denzel Washington: 'Safe House' star discusses struggles of blacks in Hollywood

theGRIO VIDEO - Denzel Washington talks about his new action thriller 'Safe House' and discusses the current state of black Hollywood...

Denzel Washington stars in the action thriller Safe House which hits theaters Friday, February 10.

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In an interview with theGrio, Washington revealed that he has not auditioned over twenty years.

“The last time I auditioned for a role was the 1980s,” he said. “I did a little screen test for Cry Freedom in 1986, that’s the last time I remember.”

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The Academy Award winning actor talked about his role in Safe House and said that he is not worried that moviegoers might compare his character Tobin Frost, to his critically acclaimed role as Detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day.

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The Inside Man actor also commented on Spike Lee’s recent statement that Hollywood knows “nothing” about black people.

Washington, who directed and starred in the all-black cast of The Great Debaters said that “It’s almost impossible to get $100 million to make a movie about a black family in New York City.”

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