French Elle sorry for article claiming Obamas gave black community a 'chic' option

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The French edition of Elle magazine issued an apology to the first family of the United States. The apology was in regards to an article written by fashion blogger Nathalie Dolivo, in which she said that the Obamas have given the African-American community other choices in fashion aside from ‘street wear.’ The Daily Mail reports that the magazine released an online apology for any offense that the article may have caused.

French Elle magazine has apologized for an article posted on its website which suggested that a black American elite, inspired by the Obama’s, was finally embracing ‘white’ fashion.

Fashion blogger Nathalie Dolivo claims in the piece that the Obamas are the catalyst for a ‘black fashion renaissance’ and suggests America’s first black president has given the black community a ‘chic’ option other than ‘street wear codes’.

‘In 2012, the ‘black-geoisie’ has integrated all the white codes … but with a twist, bourgeois with an ethnic reference that recalls their roots,’ she argued.
Elle editor Valerie Toranian published an online apology, saying the magazine was ‘deeply sorry’ to have caused offence.

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