From Madame Noire: After a night of clubbing, Atasha Graham collapsed but it wasn’t because the 34-year-old was partying too hard. She went into anaphylactic shock which, according to the Southwark Coroner’s Court in London, was caused by an allergic reaction to the latex glue used to bond her hair extensions to her head.

After being rushed to the hospital, Atasha never regained consciousness, and died there. After checking her organs and ruling out any alcohol or substance abuse, Home Office pathologist Doctor Michael Heath examined the glue on one of the hair pieces she was wearing. Although allergic reactions to latex typically occur within 30 minutes of contact, Dr. Health said if Atasha was sweating in the club, the perspiration may have caused the latex to enter her bloodstream.

What’s odd is that this was far from Atasha’s first time wearing extensions. She had been wearing weave since the age of 20, which makes doctors even more curious about her mysterious death. Still, they are sure it was caused by anaphylactic shock.

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