War vet denied benefits after being declared dead 4 times

VIDEO - A Florida veteran is in a battle with the federal government to prove that he is alive...

“I’m alive.”

Jerry Miller makes a very convincing case. He looks and sounds very much alive. And to hear that the government thinks he’s dead may sound funny. But the government wants a refund on a lot of money it thinks it paid to a dead man.

Miller is now concerned he could lose the home he bought about five years ago, intending to live here for the rest of his life. Imagine his surprise when he was informed by letter that his life had already ended some time ago.

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“This is getting real stupid, I can’t die but one time. I can’t die but one time, they done killed me four times,” said Miller.

It started in July of 2010. He got a letter — actually addressed to his estate – expressing sympathy over his death, and politely explaining that as a dead man he was not eligible for the benefits he had received. The former drill sergeant served ten years in the army and says he lives on a v-a pension and social security. Miller informed the v-a that he is alive, whereupon his benefits were restarted.

But the letters keep coming, stopping the benefits every time.The last one, this month, requests repayment of 94-thousand dollars plus, with the ever-polite instructions on how to do so. He has no idea why he was declared dead in the first place.

“I’m alive you see, but it just keeps going on and on,” said Miller.