Naketa Leiba: The search for missing Florida teen continues

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The search for a 17-year-old girl from Miramar, Florida who went missing last Wednesday afternoon continues. Naketa Leiba had called her mother Sharon Leiba to pick her up from her bus stop Wednesday, about a mile away from home, but couldn’t and was asked to walk.

“And I called at about 4:20, and she said ‘Oh, mom, I’m on the way.’ And when I heard ‘on the way,’ I heard a crackle or something and then her phone went dead,” Sharon Leiba said Friday.

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Her father, Michael Leiba, said there is no way on Earth she ran away and is sure that someone has her against her will. The girl’s friend, Quinton Laurent, even said she posted a tweet saying she was on her way home.

Family members, friends and volunteers spent much of Sunday searching for the girl and handing out fliers. A Facebook page was also created to help in the search for the teen.

“I can’t sleep!” Michael Leiba said. “Because I know she’s out there and I can’t sleep. And I’m trying to lie down and I hear screaming in my head. And I can hear her screaming in my head.”