Super Bowl XLVI is in the can, and so are the commercials. And while this year’s crop of ads didn’t shock or surprise much, here are the 10 most buzzworthy picks.

1. Chrysler, “It’s halftime, America” — Clint Eastwood (otherwise known as the voice of Mount Rushmore) helps give Detroit, and Chrysler, the ad of the year for the second Super Bowl in a row. The ad is heartfelt and moving, turning Detroit’s comeback into iconic images of America’s can-do spirit. We’re guessing the Barack Obama administration, which bailed Detroit automakers out, liked it a lot, too. Read more at the Detroit Free Press.

2, Pepsi, “King’s Court” — What do you get when you combine Sir Elton John, X Factor winner Melanie Amaro, elaborate sets (and Flavor Flav?) A fabulous commercial, that’s what.

3. The Voice promo, “Vocal Combat” — The spot had it all: action, intrigue, all four cast members of NBC’s hit show The Voice (which debuted its second season right after the big game) and of course, Betty White! What’s not to love? Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

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4. M&Ms, “Just My Shell” — Actress Vanessa Williams provides the voice of the new brown M&M — brown because her shell is brown, not because she doesn’t have it on, thank you. It’s really not that kind of party.

5. SKECHERS GOrun 2012 – No doubt about it, dogs were completely winning this year’s Super Bowl ad wars. In this spot, an adorable French bulldog named Mr. Quiggly gets it done on the racetrack. And in the process, the spot puts more residual cash in the hands of the world’s most prolific two-hit wonder, “Wild Thing” rapper Tone Loc.

6. H&, “David Beckham” – It had to have been the most talked about ad of Super Bowl game-night: H&M’s debut ad for it’s David Beckham Bodywear, it’s new version of Calvin Klein’s 90s men’s underwear craze, starring the tattooed soccer star in nothing but his H&Ms. Don’t tell Roland Martin, but I think people of both sexes enjoyed it. Still, the ad, shot by H&M’s in-house agency, scored just 1 1/2 stars from Ad Age.

7. Audi 2012, “Vampire Party” — The Super Bowl spot for the Audi S7 was a hit on Twitter with fans of the HBO series True Blood. But even the uninitiated get the point: when a vampire shows up at the party with Audi daylight headlights, things tend to go horribly wrong.

8. Doritos, “Sling Baby” — Doritos continues to win with viewer-generated “Crash the Superbowl” ad ideas that are consistently funny and unexpected. In this case, a baby is slung across a yard by his grandmother, in order to snatch a bag of Doritos from a snotty neighboring kid. How great is that?

9. Volkswagon, “The Dog Strikes Back” — Who can’t relate to an overweight pooch who just wants to chase cars but can’t fit through the doggie door? In this spot for Volkswagon, Bolt the dog does what he has to do to get in shape, and then he gets after the Volkswagon Beetle of his dreams.

10. Doritos, “Man’s Best Friend” — Doritos scores a second”>user-generated spot in the top ten, this time featuring a dog who covers up the murder of a cat named Fluffy by bribing his man friend with a bag of Doritos. You didn’t see aaaaanything

Do you agree with our picks? What were your favorite (or least favorite) Super Bowl spots?