Blue Ivy Carter first pictures appear: Photos feature happy baby, Beyoncé and Jay-Z

SLIDESHOW - Blue Ivy Carter has made her first public appearance in pictures posted to a Tumblr account, simply called: 'Hello Blue Ivy Carter.'

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Blue Ivy Carter has made her first public appearance in pictures posted to Jay-Z’s blog.

In a five-photo spread featuring an inaugural peak at the first family of hip-hop and R&B, Blue Ivy lies swaddled in a white blanket, sporting a full head of dark hair.

Three of the photos focus on the teeny progeny of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who looks like a perfect blend of her powerful parents.

In the picture of the mother and child, Beyoncé’s face is out of focus, bringing attention to the upturned face of the superstar’s one-month-old daughter.

Jay-Z cradles little Blue Ivy Carter to his chest in the final shot, smiling warmly.

The single-page presentation includes the message: “We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.The Carter Family[.]”

These photos were released during a week in which Beyoncé has garnered much attention for the fabulous shape of her post-baby body.

The Washington Post notes that this is an unusual way for a celebrity couple to unveil their baby’s photos to the public. “Rather than selling the photos to a publication, or doing a splashy magazine spread a la Brangelina and the twins, they have shared them quietly online… in a manner that, presumably, is bringing them zero cash whatsoever,” the paper reported.

The proud pop mogul parents have already applied to trademark Blue Ivy Carter’s name, suggesting that she may quickly be christened into the family’s entertainment business dynasty.

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