CPAC 2012: Conservatives rap about America, use of word 'knickers' (VIDEO)

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On Tuesday morning, attendees of the Red Carpet Blogger Awards at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) witnessed an unorthodox rap performance that seemed to have included the use of the n-word.

The “rap” by Steve Crowder, who is a Fox News contributor, and Chris Loesch, the husband of conservative commentator Dana Loesch, was titled “Mr. America.” The two sported colonial-style white wigs and track suits as they performed. The two even had a music video of their song shown on a screen behind them. The video depicted them standing in front of some type of fortress while dressed in a colonial-style clothing.

At one point, the lyrics of the song seemed to alarm audience members, as the lyrics of the song included a play on the n-word during the following passage of the song:

But right now you’re hot
Hey ain’t you, big hitter
But now I’m now I’m back from the dead
I’m bringing back all my knickers

At that point in the song, a “rewind” sound is played, making it clear that the intention was to cause the listener to think they heard the n-word.

Immediately after the “knickers” line, the lone African-American in the room — a man who seemed to be doing technical work — walked quickly out of the room, and the two performers stopped the track, saying “what? We can say knickers.” The “knickers” line occurs at the 1:50 mark.


Some audience members seemed to appreciate the performance. For instance, two men were waving their hands in the air, while on another side of the room a woman was shaking her hips.

Yet to many, Crowder and Loesch’s rap performance was inappropriate.

At one moment during the performance, the music stops and they joke, “What? Knickers? I can say knickers!” Though some in the audience started to laugh after this moment, many were offended, believing the two were actually alluding to the n-word.

A link to the original song “Mr. America” can be found here.