‘The Wendy Williams Show’ was unusually silent this morning as the talk show host took seven minutes to talk about what Whitney meant to her and how her death has personally affected her. “I felt very close to Whitney even though this is a woman I’ve never met. I’ve never even been in the same room with her except for one time in my life,” Williams began, speaking about an event Whitney attended at Northeastern University’s Constitution Hall promoting her first album, where Williams was a student and radio personality in 1985.

Williams went on to say that the only interview she’s ever had with the late singer was over the radio, and that despite not having a personal or professional relationship with her, she still felt connected to Whitney through their shared experiences with substance abuse.

As she continued to talk about her past addiction to crack cocaine, Williams called on her viewers to reach out to anyone and everyone they know or suspect to be struggling with addiction, according to Entertainment Weekly.

WATCH: Wendy Williams breaks down discussing Whitney Houston

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