Black hair salons pamper women for Valentine's

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During the Valentine’s Day season, it’s not uncommon for beauty parlors to offer promotions for their customers.

This year, many hairstylists like Douglas David, managing partner of Douglas Carroll Salon, offering their customers a free promotion, such as a free L’Oreal professional travel size shampoo and masque with every $100 gift card purchase. Additionally, some salons are offering a “sweet and single” (a kind of singles mixer) or partnering with floral companies to give their customers flowers.

Yet, there was a new route that one black salon took in order to help his clients get in a romantic mood.

To show his appreciation to his clients, celebrity hairstylist Patrick Wellington of Wellington Hair Spa decided to have a Valentine’s Day Pampering Event this past Saturday.

“I haven’t really seen salons do this before,” Wellington told theGrio. “I’m pretty sure that there are salons that have, but I have not seen many of my peers do it.”

Customers who came to get their hair styled also got their make-up done and picture taken. Wellington said he wanted to do the event on Saturday since many couples were celebrating Valentine’s early this year.

“I feel this event was important, because it creates a buzz and excitement and that is what I hope to create in the salon atmosphere,” he said. “I think more salons should do it, but I cannot tell them what to do. I just try to be the leader. I always try to be a trailblazer and be at the forefront of beauty and fashion.”

And Wellington said that his clients told him that they appreciated his originality.

“They loved it, and they really enjoyed themselves!” he exclaimed to theGrio. “When they were putting on make-up and getting their pictures taken, there definitely were special moments there. All of them felt special and I hope to make my customers feel special every time they come to my salon. ”

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