Chaka Khan's favorite memory of Whitney Houston: 'Getting high together'

On a recent episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, R&B legend Chaka Khan spoke about her most cherished memories of the late Whitney Houston — which apparently include her, Whitney and Bobby Brown getting high on drugs together.

“They’re all really good [memories]. And funny ones. There was one time, me and her and Bobby were all together in a hotel, it was actually in Florida as well. And we were up there getting high together. Talking crazy and having a really, really, really good laughing, and a really, really good time,” said Chaka Khan.

New York’s Power 105.1’s morning show The Breakfast Club covered the comments Khan made this morning. Host Angela Yee believes that Chaka Khan was not trying to defame Houston by any means. Yee said that Khan was a close friend of Houston’s and was only keeping it real about what they did. Co-host DJ Envy however was extremely disturbed and said that “we need to respect [Whitney’s] death.”

Khan has been upfront and honest about drug abuse within the industry and she openly admits to having been an addict herself. Khan also believes that someone should have been with Houston to watch over her. Khan is also not pleased that Clive Davis continued to hold his annual Grammy party, even after hearing of Houston’s death.

She describes his decision as “insanity.”