Teyana Taylor's Twitter hacked, topless pics leaked

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“Christmas in Harlem” singer Teyana Taylor has apparently become the victim of a Twitter account hacking incident which exposed some personal photos of the star. The Global Grind reports that topless photos have surfaced via her Yfrog account. Though the leaked photos do not show the woman’s head, many still believe that the person is Teyana Taylor.

Teyana Taylor nude topless pictures have hit the internet and it’s causing up a storm. Topless photos of the “Christmas In Harlem” singer surfaced online via her Yfrog account showing her in a compromised situation.

One photo shows her wearing a bra and panties, another shows Teyana, arching her back in a provocative pose.

The main picture however shows a topless Teyana Taylor in all of her glory showing her off breasts as she sits on a bench. While it hasn’t been confirmed that it is actually her in the pictures since the girl in the photos isn’t showing her face.

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