Opponent of Justice Clarance Thomas printed out 300 signed copies of petitions for him to “rescue himself” from health care reform cases. The pages contained more than 100,000 signatures and stretched from the sidewalk to the steps of the court. The Huffington Post reports that if Justice does not recuse himself he is putting in jeopardy the integrity of the Supreme Court.

WASHINGTON — The calls for Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from the health care cases to be heard in March took a theatrical turn at the Supreme Court on Friday morning as two liberal advocacy groups unspooled a petition containing over 100,000 signatures stretching about 300 feet from the sidewalk to the Court’s steps. The stunt, however, was quickly stymied by swirling morning winds that tangled and tore the taped-together pieces of paper containing the names and comments of the petition’s signatories.

The petition, organized by Health Care for America Now (HCAN) and The Other 98%, cites a federal law requiring judges to recuse themselves when their “impartiality might be reasonably questioned.” Justice Thomas’s wife, Virginia Thomas, has been a vocal antagonist of the Affordable Care Act and has made a living lobbying against the law as the founder of the Tea Party group Liberty Central.

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