Mike Tyson is getting his own live ‘confessions’ show on the Las Vegas strip. After the success of The Hangover movies the retired boxer has taken a liking to self-parody. The location of the show has yet to be revealed, but Tyson has been given the green light to announce his upcoming show. The Las Vegas Sun reports that the show will include talk of Mike’s troublesome marriage to Robin Givens and his time in jail.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson confirmed today rumors posted at Vegas DeLuxe that he will star in his own live, one-man reality “confessions” show on the Strip. “Iron Mike,” the former world heavyweight champion, also confirmed that “The Hangover, Part 3” is a green-light Hollywood go and that he will be back in the mega-hit comedy franchise.

For weeks now, I have exclusively reported that a “global name” would be the first star for a new “live reality” series of performances in the Entertainment Capital of the World. I’ve known that it was the retired boxer who now lives in Las Vegas but was asked not to reveal his identity until the hotel venue announced it.

I have been OK’d to announce the show, but the location remains under wraps for now until it is absolutely official. Mike, 45, confirmed the news this morning. I’m reliably told that his controversial life story will be told with video and photo flashbacks as he adds commentary and confessions. I’m told that he’ll include details of his tumultuous marriage to actress Robin Givens and his prison time.

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