NBA All-Star Weekend: The 20 most stylish men in the NBA

SLIDESHOW - In an era of expanding style for black men, these NBA ballers are taking the helm as men's style icons. We honor the 20 Most Stylish Men in the NBA...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

The 20 most stylish men in the NBA listed below are proof that an evolution in black male style has taken root in the collective masculine psyche. Gone are the days when most professional basketball players wore oversized suits or sweats while hurrying to and from the courts. Today, an NBA baller is more likely to use the walk to the stadium or the post-game press conference to preen in artfully assembled sartorial choices that make an impact.

Rather than borrowing from traditional hip-hop’s vocabulary for fashion inspiration, basketball stars of today take cues from personal stylists and designer runways. The NBA’s biggest names, such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant, now source an array of influences to showcase looks ranging from the casually European to American prep. This expansion of expression for black men with taste has been preceded by stars such as Kanye West — one of the first black men to eschew the bulky clothing and ostentatious logos that used to be popular in rap. But many are surprised to see West’s artsy fashion fluidity filtering into the NBA in the form of refined self-displays and tightly-tailored clothes.

In a sport known for hyper-masculine bravado — otherwise known as “swagger” — a concern over clothing seems antithetical to a professional basketball player’s brand. To the contrary, the fashionistos on this list are garnering more attention than ever for donning bright colors, paying extra attention to accessories (like the now perennial nerd glasses), and sitting front row at fashion shows.

In an era of expanding style for black men, these ballers are taking the helm as the next generation of male fashion icons. In honor of NBA All-Star weekend, we salute the 20 most stylish men in the NBA.

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