Funeral home director denies Whitney photo leak, but knows who did it

The funeral home where Whitney Houston’s body was kept last week is denying they leaked a photo of the Grammy Award-winning singer in her casket, but says they know who did.

During a press conference Thursday in Newark, New Jersey, the owner of the funeral home denied selling a photo of Houston to the National Enquirer.

Carolyn Whigham, owner of Whigham Funeral Home, defended her staff and said that there were only 3 people from the funeral home who had access to Houston’s body and none of them took the photo.

“My staff, my secretaries, my drivers, never were exposed to any area that she was in. Whitney was always on the lower level under lock and key. Security being provided by ‘Nippy Inc.’ not my security,” Whigham said.

“I had people that I had never seen in my life, who were part of her security, sleeping here in my funeral home.”

Whigham said the funeral home’s investigation revealed that the picture was taken on February 17, a day before services for Houston. Although she knows who took the photo, she would not identify the person.

The 48-year-old Houston died Feb. 11 in California. Her body was at Whigham funeral home for five days.

Although the Houston family has closed its inquiry into who leaked the photo, Whigham said she is considering taking legal action to clear her name.


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