Mike Epps' daughter claims he threatened to physically abuse her

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Mike Epps’ 18-year-old daughter Bria claims her father threatened her with psychical abuse. The dispute started because she had disclosed to the public a family matter that Epps wanted to keep private. The actor/ comedian then proceeded to threaten her physical well being. Hip Hop Wired reports that representatives of Mike Epps say that the allegations made by Bria are false.

Actor and funnyman Mike Epps is embroiled in a potentially nasty feud with his 18-year-old daughter, Bria. According to his daughter’s account, Mike Epps threatened bodily harm to his child after she threatened to put some unfavorable family happenings out into the public.

TMZ nabbed an exclusive interview with Bria Epps, in which she says Mike threatened to “f*ck her up,” although Day Day from the Friday series has declared his daughter’s claims false. Tensions mounted between father and daughter after Mike appeared on the Wendy Williams Show and mentioned two of his children, to which Bria took offense, for not being named.

UPDATE: Audio of phone conversation can be heard here

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