A 17-year-old male high school student was suspended from a Virgina school for wearing high heels during the school day. Reportedly, the principal at Charles City High School in Charles City County, VA claimed Asante Cotman was “disrupting the school” with his footwear. Cotman said he is being discriminated against because he is gay. Huffington Post reports.


The incident comes after 17-year-old high school student Jamie Love was allegedly expelled in January for wearing women’s clothing to school. The move sparked from community members and the expulsion was reversed — but not before Love’s feelings were hurt, the Scottish Daily Record reported.

“It took me years to finally open up to someone about my sexuality and now I feel betrayed by the people I trusted,” Love told the Daily Record. “I have always felt different but I have never been able to talk about it. They have made me feel like a fool. I left the school in tears feeling totally humiliated and embarrassed.”

Last year, a male student who wore high heels to Riverview High School in Florida was asked by an assistant principal to take them off. The reason, according to school Principal Bob Heilmann, was to “prevent bullying.”

“Part of bullying is to try to prevent it, whether people make fun of what you are wearing, or your hair,” Heilmann told WTSP-TV. “If I can prevent that, I will prevent that.”

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