Sue Simmons dropped by WNBC after 32 years on the air

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For 32 years, Sue Simmons has been an institution as the anchor of the New York City NBC affiliate. However, this year her contract was not renewed and her legendary pairing with co-anchor Chuck Scarborough appears to be coming to an end. Huffington Post reports:

Local news anchor and WNBC veteran Sue Simmons has been given the axe by television executives after an epic 32 years on air.

The New York Post delivers the sad news that Simmons’ contract will be up in June, ending the longest-running anchor team that is the legendary Sue Simmons and co-anchor Chuck Scarborough duo.

Scarborough will remain for at least three more years.

Simmons began her career at Channel 4 in 1980 and as is the highest paid anchorwoman for local stations in the country.

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