Harlem’s Lenox Lounge was once one of the most popular African-American nightspots in the country but now it is in danger of closing. Reportedly an actor friend of Robert De Niro’s is rumored to be interested in saving the fledgling institution. The New York Daily News reports:

All Al Reed wants is for one of Harlem’s most recognized jazz clubs to continue its legacy – even if it’s owned by a pal of actor Robert De Niro.

Reed, who has owned Lenox Lounge since 1988, will not be renewing his lease when it ends in June because he can’t afford the rent.

“I’m not selling the place; the landlord is increasing the rent, that I can’t pay,” he told the Daily News of the club that has been a stage for jazz greats ranging from Billie Holiday to Miles Davis.

“I’m sad about it, but I’m realistic. I can’t do too much about it,” he said. “I’m more concerned about Lenox Lounge existing even if it exists without me.”

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