Second grader Luis Turnage is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia and needs a “miracle match” for a bone-marrow transplant sooner rather than later. According to the New York Daily News, his best friend, 6-year-old Jack Szablewski, has been helping his cause since they met in 2010. The heroic little kids have been raising awareness for people to get swabbed by attending bone-marrow donor drives together.

At 6 years old, Jack Szablewski might be 12 years away from being able to donate bone marrow, but that doesn’t stop him from helping the cause. His best friend Luis, a second-grader from Jamaica, Queens, is suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and needs a bone-marrow transplant.

Jack attends bone-marrow drives with his mother, Renee, to encourage people to get listed on the donor registry. “Get swabbed America,” he said. “We want to save Luis’ life.”

Renee Szablewski and Luis’ mother, Sharon Turnage, have been hosting bone-marrow donor drives since they met at a drive in June 2010. The boys became best friends right away.

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