Ice Cube stopped by SiriusXM’s Sway In the Morning radio show to discuss upcoming film projects. Besides appearing in the new 21 Jump Street movie (which opens this weekend), Cube said that another film in the Friday franchise and an NWA biopic are in the works.

Cube said he is currently writing the script for the Friday follow-up, and hoping to get his original co-star Chris Tucker to sign on. “I’m not going to bend the movie out of whack for anybody,” said Cube, however, ”Friday movies are loved by a whole lot of people so my thing is to stay true to the movie. If he wants to be a part of it, we got open arms for him.”


Cube said that his other pet project for the next two years is a movie about the rap group that first brought him to prominence: NWA. “It’s coming,” he said, “That movie is actually further along than the Friday movie… We’re about to hire a director and once you hire a director it’s really about casting and getting the ball rolling.”

As far as casting for the film, Ice Cube said he would not incorporate original members of NWA into the film, although they had input with the script. Regarding rumors of Eazy-E’s son — and even his own sons — starring in the biopic, Cube said that he wasn’t making any promises.

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