Shiba Russell reportedly Sue Simmons' 'heir apparent'

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The legendary Sue Simmons is leaving the anchor’s desk at the local NYC NBC affiliate after 32 years. Her likely replacement, according to the New York Post, is Shiba Russell:

The front-runner for Sue Simmons’ anchor spot is going to come out ahead — whether she’s picked for the job or not.

Shiba Russell, considered Simmons’ “heir apparent,” has a clause in her contract that mandates a $600,000 payday if she’s passed over for the coveted job, sources said.

The current co-anchor of the noon and 5 p.m. newscasts negotiated the sweetheart deal when she came to WNBC/Channel 4 in February 2011, said a source briefed on the documents.

It’s “a hefty sum,” said the source about the $600,000 golden parachute. “She’s the heir apparent.”

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