Drake in GQ (file photo)

From Clutch Magazine: Aubrey Drake Graham has been on a roll. Since bursting onto the music scene a few years ago, the Toronto native hasn’t slowed down yet. From mixtapes, to albums, to tours, to damn-near f**king every girl in the world (or trying to), the 25-year-old has been in constant motion since he launched his music career via MySpace.

But now…he’s looking for something else, something real.

It’s no secret Drake is in touch with his emotions. His songs often speak of love, of longing, and disappointment. In a culture that values hyper-masculinity, Drake’s emo raps stand out. But it’s also what draws many of his fans deeper into his music.

Recently, Drake snagged the cover of GQ and sat down for an interesting interview with writer Claire Hoffman. The rapper invited Hoffman to his expansive Southern California home, toasted the night with wine spritzers (his favorite drink), watched Sixteen Candles, and talked openly about his relationship with his dad, how he got caught up trying to be a typical rapper, and why it’s no longer enough

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