Rival hairsylist opens fire at 'Real Housewives' star Derek J's salon

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Have you ever gone to a hair stylist to fix the mess that another stylist made of your hair? I have, and depending on which city you live in, the fact that a rival’s skills aren’t up to par can be music to another stylist’s ears. The thing is, the stylist who did the botch-job is going to be heated…in this case so much so that shots were (literally) fired.

Neffe Pugh (you know, Keyshia Cole’s sister of Frankie and Neffe fame) left one stylist’s shop with a hot mess on her head and went to Derek J (you know, The Real Housewives of Atlanta regular who often styles Kim’s wigs) for help. It was so bad that Derek J called the original stylist to ask what he did to it.

Apparently his basic question was taken as more of a “what on earth is wrong with you and why did you destroy this woman’s hair,” and the original stylist showed up at Derek’s salon and started shooting. Watch this news report on the incident:

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