T.I. confirms future collaborations with Taylor Swift and B.o.B.

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During a recent interview, rapper T.I. confirmed that B.o.B. and Taylor Swift will be collaborating with him on music for his upcoming album. Both T.I. and B.o.B. have performed with Taylor Swift during her live concerts. Rumors of future collaborations had been denied until now. Hip Hop DX reports:

B.o.B and T.I. have both performed with Taylor Swift during her live shows, but their collaborations extend beyond the stage. During an interview with Fuse, B.o.B tried to play coy about a potential duet with T. Swift on record, but Tip all but confirmed that they’ve already laid down a track together.

“I can neither confirm nor deny such allegations,” said B.o.B. “I can. I heard it,” added T.I. “Taylor’s extended Hustle Gang. She’s a part of the crew. She just ain’t got her dog tags yet, but she’s a part of the crew now.”

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