Will and Jada Smith caught smooching on Philly's 'kiss cam'

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Will and Jada Smith stopped by at half time on Friday for the Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat game, held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly. The pair, who attended the event with their children Willow and Jaden, were given a cinematic close up when they were caught smooching on the arena’s “kiss cam” — projecting their PDA on the Jumbotron for the whole crowd to see!

Will and Jada became part owners of the Philadelphia 76ers in late 2011, which probably helped them nab those highly visible court-side seats.

The proud parents are in town to support their movie star kids, who are in the City of Brotherly love filming the coming M. Night Shyamalan movie After Earth. This is the second public appearance Willow has made with her shocking green hair, cementing her reputation as a cutting-edge fashionista.

Jada kept it cool in a beige suit, while Will displayed a bit of youthful “street chic” with his baseball cap and puffy vest. Jaden has updated his look with newly-cut locks.

According to People.com, “Will, 43, and Jada, 40, were ‘couply and cuddly,’” a neighboring spectator said of the black Hollywood power duo.

This over-the-top display of warmth might be a message meant to dispel rumors that Will and Jada Smith’s marriage is on the rocks. News items related to their alleged divorce have been circulating since the summer of 2011, but none have been confirmed by the pair. They have been married since 1997.

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