According to the American Heart Association, African-Americans have almost twice the risk of first-ever strokes compared to whites.

That startling statistic has inspired a collaboration between the AHA and the Colorado Black Health Collaborative in order to raise awareness among African-American men, specifically, in the form of free blood-pressure screenings at their local barbershops.

At Wright’s Barbershop in Denver, CO, Dr. Byron Connor, a volunteer in the program, says they’re doing blood pressure and blood sugar screening, as well as referring people who do not have health insurance to a safety-net clinic in their neighborhood.

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The CBHC is a community-based organization that is committed to improving health and wellness in Colorado’s African-American communities.

“It’s kind of common that a lot of black men don’t like to go to the doctor, and that sort of thing. So that’s why Dr. Connor came through here — to give those guys incentive in health care,” says Mr. Wright, owner of Wright’s Barbershop.

Dr. Byron says that four barbershops in the Metro area are committed as of now, but he hopes they will have as many as ten by the end of this year.

Interested in volunteering for this cause?

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