Police must answer for crimes against minorities

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Damon Jones, president of the Westchester Black Law Enforcement is fighting against the rise of questionable police shootings in the black community with a federal lawsuit. In a report by Lohud.com, Jones talks about the most recent killing of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. The organization has been steadily monitoring the issue of police crimes in communities of color across the United States and how law enforcement needs to make a change.

Incidents of questionable police shootings and conduct are on the rise throughout the nation, particularly as it relates to people of color and poor communities.

The recent shooting of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. — a black man shot and killed by White Plains police responding to a medical alert at his apartment Nov. 19 — is just a piece in a larger puzzle of deep-rooted “isms” in the institution of law enforcement in the United States.

As Blacks in Law Enforcement, we all know too well the embedded stereotypes of people of color in the law enforcement institution. Many off-duty or plainclothes black officers have been shot, shot at, or killed by their white counterparts, by mistake; the same never happens in reverse.

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