Miami Heat players pose in hoodies to support Trayvon Martin

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NBA players are now pledging their support for Trayvon Martin. Earlier today, Heat forward LeBron James tweeted a photo of him and his teammates in hoodies with the message ”#WeAreTrayvonMartin.” Martin was killed on February 26th. Palm Beach Post reports:

Just an hour ago, I tweeted about how it’s more difficult for LeBron James to take political stands than Dwyane Wade, because James is more polarizing. The public has a harder time accepting his positions at face value, even going as far as to invent motives that he may not have. That’s true even when a situation seems clearcut to most, as the Trayvon Martin tragedy does.

NBC Sports: Miami Heat could no longer be silent on Trayvon Martin

So it didn’t surprise me when Wade was the one who first posted a photo of himself in a hoodie (CLICK HERE), in support of Martin, the Sanford, FL teen who was shot and killed by a member of Neighborhood Watch three weeks ago.

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