A picture recently surfaced on the Internet of Michelle Obama with blogger and author (Natural Chica) Maeling Tapp’s natural curly afro Photoshopped on the first lady’s head. The picture has since then gone viral and Tapp herself does not know where the picture surfaced from. Tapp says that she hopes that this picture inspires the first lady to one day try to go natural. Essence reports:

Earlier today, the natural hair blogosphere went into overdrive when a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama wearing a halo of kinky curls hit the Internet. Although Mrs. O looked stunning in the photo, it didn’t take long for us to realize that something about the picture seemed a little…off.

The photo in question came to the attention of blogger Maeling Tapp, author of Natural Chica, when her Twitter followers began sending her messages saying that Obama’s hair looked a lot like her own. Sure enough, upon examination of the First Lady’s curly coif, Tapp discovered that it was indeed her hair that had been Photoshopped onto the picture.


“A lot of people who follow my blog said, ‘I had a feeling that was your hair,’” Tapp told ESSENCE.com. “It’s kind of surprising that other people recognize my hair so well.” Tapp posted a side-by-side photo of her and the First Lady onto the Natural Chica Facebook page which quickly garnered over 1,000 “likes” and “shares.”

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