Last night on HLN’s Dr. Drew show, Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, opened up about the newly released coroner’s report for Whitney Houston and said that she blames Ray J and Pat Houston for the singer’s death.

During the segment Leolah claimed that Ray J was Whitney’s “runner boy” for cocaine.

“When I first heard she passed away I said ‘my God, somebody gave her a bad bag.’ I promise you that was the first thing that came out of my mouth. And then I saw Ray-J and it all added up. So I am going to believe that Ray J was, like she said, was a ‘runner boy.’”


She also revealed that it struck her as suspicious when she saw Ray J leaving Whitney’s hotel the night that she died, with his head down, hiding from paparazzi, because he never shied away from the press during previous occasions.

Leolah, who is also Whitney’s former assistant, said that she believes Pat Houston, Whitney’s manager and sister-in-law, was aware that the Grammy Award winner was doing cocaine the day that she died.

“He [Ray J] was buying them for Whitney and giving her drugs. I want to know why this boy was allowed to do that around Pat [Houston] and around Gary [Houston]. Around Pat mainly, because you were with her. You were with her all the time and for you to say you don’t know what happened to her — I’m really disturbed by that,” Loelah said.

Ray J was apparently enraged over Leolah’s claims that he was involved in Whitney’s cocaine usage. A representative from Ray J’s camp told TMZ that he had no knowledge that Whitney was using again.

The rep said Ray J is especially upset at claims made by Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, who suggested Ray J was to blame for Whitney’s demise. Ray J says the claim is absolute “B.S.”

Whitney’s official cause of death, released yesterday by the Los Angeles County Coroner, reveals that the 48-year-old singer died as the result of accidental drowning and the combined effects of heart disease and cocaine. However there was no cocaine found her hotel room after police investigated the scene.

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