Trayvon Martin case: Surveillance footage shows Zimmerman had no blood, bruises on him

Surveillance video of George Zimmerman walking into the Sanford police department shows none of the injuries Zimmerman’s supporters claim he suffered during his “life and death struggle” with Trayvon Martin.

In the video, obtained by ABC News, Zimmerman is seen exiting a patrol car with two officers. He is handcuffed, with his hands behind his back, wearing a red sweater or jacket, his head shaved. A third officer emerges and the three officers walk Zimmerman into the station and through a hallway.

And while his back appears to be wet, as was stated in the initial police reports from the scene of the shooting February 26th, no blood or gashes are visible on the back of Zimmerman’s head.

Initial police reports said Zimmerman was treated at the scene of the shooting for bleeding on the back of his head and on or from his nose.

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His lawyer, Craig Sonner, has claimed Zimmerman suffered a gash on the back of his head that would have required stitches, though he says Zimmerman did not receive treatment until it had already begun to heal. And leaks to the Orlando Sentinel have suggested that Zimmerman’s nose was broken.

Zimmerman supporter Joe Oliver, who worked with him at a mortgage security firm, has said Zimmerman stated that Trayvon punched him in the face, breaking his nose, then, when he fell to the ground, began bashing his head into the sidewalk, before Zimmerman shot the teen, Oliver says, in self-defense.

The surveillance tape does not show Zimmerman with a visibly broken or even bloody nose.

The tape could prove damaging to the narrative being put forward by the Sanford police department and Zimmerman supporters, since it shows an uninjured, and seemingly unperturbed, Zimmerman walking into the station with police.

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