'StreetSquash' brings sports and academics together for kids in Harlem

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George Polsky started a program in 1999 that would help kinds from Harlem graduate high school on time. He created ‘StreetSquash’. The idea was to bring a sports that is highly unheard of in Harlem and help the kids learn about it while keeping up with their academics at the same time. The program is very successful and has a 100 percent graduation rate for all of the students that have participated in it. The Daily News reports:

An uptown after-school program has students competing harder in the classroom and on the court — the squash court, that is.

“StreetSquash” is serving up squash to Harlem middle and high school students.

Keeping them active, it turns out, can also be a great hook to improve their academic game.

“The real goal is to make sure these kids get a good education,” says George Polsky, the StreetSquash founder.

Polsky started the program in 1999 as a way to use a sport virtually unknown among Harlem kids to improve their chances of graduating high school and getting into college.

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