10-year-old saves younger brother from shooting (VIDEO)

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An award usually given to officers, 10 year old Jason is the youngest and only civilian recipient of the lifesaving award.

An unlikely hero emerged from a tragic double homicide on July 28th, 2011. Jason was asleep next to his grandmother and two year old brother Zion. His mother’s ex-boyfriend came into the home and shot Jason’s grandmother.

That’s when Jason did something heroic to save his brother. “God just gave me the strength to pick him up ran out the house and go to somebody’s house.” said Jason Smith II. As he ran he heard more gun shots the ex-boyfriend had just killed his mother as well.

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Jason has witnessed tragedy before and wanted to spare his brother. “When I was two, I saw my dad get shot, and I didn’t want him to go through the same situation I did.”

Jason’s uncle sits with pride knowing the boy had a guardian angel and hopes he can be an angel to Jason as well. “I pray to god that I’m one of them to make sure he gets separated from this cycle of violence.” said Robert Huer.

Jason plans to hang his award in his bedroom, next to his mother’s picture.