Eric B. will be the judge on new reality TV show: 'Ghetto Court'

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Legendary rapper Eric B. will be the judge of a show of a new reality show called Ghetto Court. No details of the show have been released other than the fact that 25 episodes have already been taped. The show is said to be taping in New Jersey and is reportedly being produced by Eric B. and Cassandra Cooper. Indiewire reports:

There’s so much information out there that you just have to be careful. You never know what’s real and what’s phony. So when I heard about this now-in-production syndicated TV comedy show Ghetto Court I didn’t think it was real.

After checking up on it, it turns out that it is. There really is a TV show currently being taped called Ghetto Court with old time rapper Eric B (of Eric and Rakim) as the judge. I can’t tell you anything more at this time except that the exec producers of the show are Eric B and Cassandra Cooper.

And I have no information on when it will be on the air other than it will be “sometime this year.” But it is being taped in New Jersey and supposedly they already have 25 episodes already in the can.

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