White supremacist allegedly hacks Trayvon's email and Facebook accounts

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A white supremacist is claiming to have hacked Trayvon Martin’s private social media and email accounts. He has since then decided to post everything he has found online. The man claims that he found a picture of Trayvon with a substantial amount of cash in his hand and claims that this is evidence that he was a drug dealer. The hacker is also saying that Trayvon was a habitual marijuana user, based on messages interchanged between him and his friends on Facebook. The Huffington Post reports:

A white supremacist hacker claims to have broken into Trayvon Martin’s email and social networking accounts and posted his private messages online.

“I realize that some of this information might be to [sic] extreme to believe,” a hacker named Klanklannon wrote, according to Gawker, which has an original copy of the message thread posted to the popular, unruly message board 4chan. “That’s why I offer you evidence. Here are my sources.”

A slide posted to the message board titled “Trayvon Martin Used Marijuana Habitually,” apparently shows a conversation between Martin and a friend about getting high. Another alleged that Martin was a drug dealer and showed a picture of Martin standing “aggressively with a large amount of cash in his hand.”

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