Adele says she'll release new song in 2012

Six-time Grammy Award-winning singer Adele recently told French NRJ Radio that she plans on releasing a new song before the end of this year. The 23-year old songwriter says she anticipates at least a 2 year hiatus to work on her next album, which she plans on producing herself from a newly-built home studio. The Guardian reports on the story:

Adele will release a new song in 2012. Although there may be a long wait for her next album, the singer has promised a new single before “the end of the year”.

“It takes a while,” Adele told France’s NRJ radio, in what was reportedly her “last interview” before a hiatus. “If I didn’t write my own songs, I’d be out next week with a new album. [But] I have to take time and live a little bit.”

Adele has said before her third album will take some time. “I want to write it, record it all, produce it all and master it on my own,” she said last summer, revealing plans to set up a home studio. Whereas there was a three-year wait between her first two albums, her third will “take a lot longer”, she said then, because she wants to do it all herself.

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