Rihanna's risky blue pajamas grab attention at 'Battleship' Tokyo premiere

theGRIO REPORT - Rihanna attended the Tokyo premiere for Battleship yesterday wearing what looks to many like gold-encrusted, Windex blue pajamas...

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Rihanna attended the Tokyo premiere for Battleship yesterday, wearing what looks to many like gold-encrusted, Windex blue pajamas. The ensemble, which is Fall 2012 Emilio Pucci (and thus fresh off the high-fashion runways), was accented by the newly minted actress with large accessories by Tom Ford, including gold hoops that reached to her shoulders. She also wore clear shoes by Jimmy Choo.

Battleship features Rihanna in her first feature movie role, playing a weapons specialist named Cora Raikes — and she has taken the occasion of promoting the film to take some big fashion risks.

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While the eye-popping outfit made the perfect contrasting backdrop for her newly black tresses, most fashion critics found the Pucci pieces to be too much like regular old PJs for a glamorous film premiere.

Mrpaparazzi.com posted about the popstar’s sartorial choice:

Now we don’t know if Rihanna was being lazy last night or if she was trying to make a fashion statement, either way she turned up to the Tokyo premiere of her Battleships film in what was essentially a pair of pyjamas. Fancy pyjamas we’ll give her that, but pyjamas nonetheless.

Given the amount of outfits she’s had to wear so far to promote the movie, we’re not surprised that Rihanna would want to slip into something a tad more comfortable for this screening however this might be taking things too far.

Ouch. But apparently, daytime pajamas are “on-trend” this season according to various sources — which is fashion-speak for “in right now.”

Well, that would certainly explain the strange pants Beyoncé has been wearing recently!

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Even if this look doesn’t enhance Rihanna’s otherwise amazing looks, which have been essential to her success, we have to give her points for bravery. Girl is on the bleeding edge of fashion.

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