Arnold Schwarzenegger is psyched about the possibility of teaming up with Eddie Murphy in a big screen sequel to Twins. A rumored new film would feature Murphy, the former California governor and Danny DeVito as brothers due to a medical experiment gone wrong. ComingSoon.Net reports:

News broke online last week about Universal Pictures’ upcoming sequel to the 1988 Ivan Reitman comedy, Twins, to be titled Triplets. This time around, the original film’s stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, will team with a long-lost third brother, to be played by Eddie Murphy. learned of the proposed project during an interview late last year with Schwarzenegger himself and, while the full piece is still under embargo, we’re now able to share with you the actor’s thoughts on the unlikely big screen sequel.

“I would love to do another ‘Twins,’” Schwarzenegger said when asked if there were any past characters he’d like to revist. “As a matter of fact, we’ve been talking about doing one and it’s called ‘Triplets.’ I’d find somebody like Eddie Murphy or someone that people would say, ‘How does that happen, medically speaking?’ and, ‘Physically, there’s no way!’ Then, somehow, we would explain it. That would be hilarious with what we know about someone like him.

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