Linda Carty was sentenced to death by lethal injection 11 years ago after killing a young woman with the intent to steal her baby. Carty insists that she was framed, yet was denied a plea bargain from the British government. She will become the first British woman in 50 years to die by the death sentence in the United States. The Daily Mail reports:

A British grandmother on Death Row has called on the British Government to save her in a final emotional plea for clemency.

Linda Carty, 53, who has spent 11 years on Death Row in the United States, is days away from becoming the first British woman to be executed in 50 years after losing her final appeal.

Ms Carty was convicted of killing a young mother in Texas ten years ago and plotting to steal her four-day-old baby with three men, but has always insisted she was framed.

In an emotional final plea, she said: ‘I wouldn’t ask the British Government to lobby for me if I knew that I was guilty, because it would be an embarrassment to myself and my family, but also to the country that I love. ‘When I say that I am innocent and that I didn’t commit this crime, I mean that.’

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