Caught on tape: Burglars steal from Texas church

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Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Nassau Bay, Texas is committed to helping people in their spiritual journey. But an April 2nd, a break-in left extensive damage at the church. Surveillance video shows two men shining a flashlight inside the church. One then comes back with a tool and unsuccessfully tries to pry the doors open. The men then walk around the church, looking for a way inside.

“I guess after 20 minutes to break in the doors, gave up and broke through some windows and then spent a lot of time going through desks and cabinets,” said Vince Parks, the executive pastor. After kicking out a window in the sanctuary, police said the two men went inside while a third served as the lookout.

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When one man noticed a security camera inside, he covered his face and tried unplugging it. Police said the men stole a small safe from the church and left.

It had an undisclosed amount of money inside. “God’s word tells us we should submit to civil authorities and I’m trusting the civil authorities to find these guys,” said Parks.

Police said they recovered a flashlight, a white men’s tank top, and a black and gray baseball hat left by the thieves.