Delonte West gets technical foul for giving Gordon Hayward 'wet willy'

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Dallas Mavericks player Delonte West drew a technical foul Monday evening, not for screaming or arguing with the referees, but for putting his finger into the ear of his opponent. The Mavericks were playing the Utah Jazz when West fouled Jazz forward Gordon Hayward. Coming off of the play, Hayward walked away. West followed, gave Hayward a “wet willy” and pushed him. The Huffington Post reports:


During the second quarter, Utah’s Gordon Hayward drew a foul on West away from the ball as Devin Harris tried push the Jazz offense. As Hayward walked away, West followed and, all of the sudden, he stuck his finger in his ear and pushed him.

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The referees didn’t see the incident, but ended up reviewing it on instant replay and handed West a technical foul for the ‘Three Stooges’ move.

“I went over the line,” West said after the triple-overtime loss. “I saw some lint in his hair, and I wanted to get it out for him. Seriously, we were like two warriors out there. But I forgot the NBA is a gentlemen’s game. They want us to battle and scrap, but they want us to do it nicely.”

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