Robert Griffin III lucks out if he falls to Redskins at no. 2

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From NBC Sports: Forget for a moment that trading three first-round picks for one player is like signing a 40-year variable-rate mortgage: the house maybe great, but those hefty payments are bound to have consequences down the road.

Forget for a moment that Robert Griffin III has gone from “outstanding prospect” to “can’t-miss franchise quarterback” to “John Elway standing on Steve Young’s shoulders” in the course of a few workouts and interviews, with the real truth lying closer to the first option than the third.

Finally, forget the talk about the Colts’ drafting Griffin instead of Andrew Luck. Yes, there is a slim chance that Jim Irsay will change his mind, not only because he is as predictable as mountaintop weather but because coaches get involved in the draft process this time of year and begin lobbying for their guys. Irsay was sold on Luck about six months ago, so it will take a lot of lobbying to change his mind.

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