George Zimmerman claims that Trayvon Martin’s last words were, “Okay, you got it,” according to an exclusive new report from the The Daily Beast. In this article, we learn that Zimmerman dreamed of becoming a judge after having earned a degree in criminal justice:

Last December, George Zimmerman hosted a small gathering at a clubhouse in Lake Mary, Florida. He invited his family members and some close friends, and he made a brief speech. He wanted to share with them, he said, the news that he’d earned his associates degree in criminal justice.

“He gathered us all together,” said a family friend who lives near Zimmerman’s parents and was present at the clubhouse that night, “to thank us for helping us define his life and what path he was going to take and who he was.”

The friend, who asked not to be identified, told The Daily Beast that he and his wife pulled Zimmerman aside afterward and asked him about his career: What did he want to do with his life? Zimmerman responded that he had a specific goal. First, he would go to law school. After that, the friend said, “his ambition was to be a judge.”

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