Angel Salazar, better known as Chi Chi in Scarface, was recently arrested in Brooklyn for a DUI. NYPD officers found his blood alcohol level to be at .121, which is well above the .8 limit. The actor told TMZ that he did not think that he was too drunk to drive on the night of the incident. He is out on bail and awaiting a court date. The Huffington Post reports:

Say hello to a DUI. is reporting that actor Angel Salazar—the guy who played Tony Montana’s (Al Pacino) cocaine-retrieving associate Chi Chi in “Scarface” (1983)—was arrested for DUI in Brooklyn last week.

According to court records, Salazar was behind the wheel of a 1999.

Volvo Sedan, which was seen swerving on the road just after midnight on Thursday. The officers who pulled the actor over said Salazar appeared to be drunk, so they conducted a breathalyzer test which showed his blood alcohol level was a .121 (well above the .08 limit).

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