Subway recently decided to make a 3 foot tall, statue of soon-to-be NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III. entirely out of barbeque chicken The company will be sponsoring Griffin and chose to make the statue to commemorate his impending draft into the NFL. The statue is composed mostly of smokehouse BBQ chicken. The Sportsgrid reports:

As he embarks on his career as an NFL quarterback, Robert Griffin III, like so many top draft picks before him, will have a joint job as pitchman for various products. In Griffin’s case, one of those products will be Subway sandwiches. Griffin was in New York today to talk about the partnership – and like it has in the past, the $5 footlong purveyor commissioned a meat-based likeness of its newest public face.

If this sounds like a creepy idea, that’s because it is. For example, here are pepperoni busts of Ndamukong Suh and C.J. Spiller from a couple years back. But this new one of Griffin – composed mainly of “Smokehouse BBQ Chicken” and standing about three feet high, takes the creepiness to another level. Have a closeup look for yourself:

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